Preview Friday 13th April 6 – 9pm
Exhibition Opening Times:
Saturday 14th 12 – 5pm.
Sunday 15th 12 – 5pm.

Tim Dodds makes things for the purpose of painting them: makeshift models constructed out of a range of materials. These are unnameable things, abstract in form, some are suggestive of biomorphic or even human forms, yet always remain ambiguous enough to conjure up a range of possible associations. Others are based upon a familiar object: a crutch, a plastic bottle, which, with material such as clay, plasticine, paint, are morphed into something alien – still recognisable if only barely so. There are also polyhedron cardboard constructions: their geometrical structure of angled planes provide a contrast to the haptic quality of those things they are presented alongside.

Things for Painting explores the idea of an ‘endless loop’ formed in the dependency between paintings and the objects depicted in them. The paintings derive meaning through representing the amorphous still life models, which, in turn, gain substance and agency as the paintings’ subjects. Models used in one painting are often transformed, becoming something else in another painting.

A new development is the reuse of oil paint, scraped off the palette at the close of a studio session. This has then become part of the still life set up used for painting. In these recent works, oil paint forms a playful dual role, as both the material and subject matter of a painting, drawing attention to the concepts of the painted object and the paint itself as object.