A Take Over event presented by Jonathan Spy

“Void’ is my first solo exhibition, it is the realisation of an idea I had formed over the last few years.

Presenting a ‘window’ into my darkest thoughts… into a place of empty black oblivion.
This ‘Void’ is the place of despair that I have found trying to answer the biggest questions…
These are the questions most people do not want to ask, or have yet to ask…

What happens when you die? What came before you were born? Is time infinite or does it have an end?
My belief has always been in science and logic, and there is nothing comforting about death to me…
The only certainty I have in death is that I simply vanish, once a working brain of neurons and memories becomes a piece of dead meat.
Most of my adult life I have felt alone and isolated, because I ask questions that people can not answer, or questions that people don’t want to ask themselves…

Should you choose to look into the Void and ask these questions, you will get no answers.

The exhibitions main feature ‘Void’ is inspired by ‘black bodies’ structures that light and radiation can enter but little to none is reflected back.
This I believe is the perfect physical and scientific metaphor for the unanswerable questions of Life and Death.
Also exhibited are paintings of emotional insight inspired by this subject, from anger and hatred, to sadness and fear.”

Jonathan is a 26 year old artist living in Dundee who happens to have Aspergers. Jonathan particularly likes being up late when the city is quiet. He likes films, games, music and astrophysics.

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