The Public Image – Scottish Lady Tiger opened on the 15th of September 2018 with live readings in the project space. Originally timetabled at around 30 minutes, our readers went above and beyond, meandering and reading out loud, for 2 hours. The effect was that of a party where everyone is talking over one another and wandering off mid-sentence to find where the most fun is to be had: much like the ill-fated orgy in Sparks’s novel The Public Image, after which this show is named.

We would like to thank Michael Curran, Charis Edward Wells, Helen King, Blake Lazurus Venus, Carmen Millar, Alison Philps, Rebecca Sharp and Emil Thomson for so delightfully sharing a myriad of Spark’s works. There were reports of lost voices and many were cold and exhausted, but exhilarated by the end. It was an inspirational night.

Opening_Performance_15_09_2018 from Hari MacMillan on Vimeo.