Generator is a Dundee-based artist-led organisation established in 1996. The aim of the organisation is to generate vibrant cultures across Dundee through providing sustained support towards artistic practice in all its diversity and a varied programme of exhibitions and events.

Alongside the primary aim of being collectively held by those who wish to engage and support the continuation of the organisation, Generator hosts a project and exhibition space better known as Generator Projects. This space was established to allow creative practitioners, developing experimental, critical and contemporary work, the opportunity to exhibit. It is facilitated by the Generator committee, a rolling collective of volunteers, who dedicate two years of their time to ensure the continuation of the exhibition space and the broader aspects of the organisation.

If you are an artist, curator or general art lover, we would be more than happy to facilitate both a tour of our space and also attempt to connect you with other artists practicing in the city. Please feel free to pop in or email us with your enquiries.

GENERATORmembership is open to everyone who wishes to engage with the broad aims of Generator. Without the interest and support of its members, Generator could not continue to function effectively. Each member is entitled to submit a piece of work at our annual Members’ Show and can propose to use our newly developed Collective Space for workshops, screenings or informal events. To become a member please see our membership page.

GENERATORcommittee is currently upheld by Clare Fenech, Hari MacMillan, Genni Meikleham, Andy Slater, Fergus Tibbs and Hayley Whelan. If you are interested in getting involved in the running of Generator by joining the committee or volunteering for individuals shows please see our opportunities page.

Past GENERATORcommittee: Ruth Aitken, Lucy Alexander, Mary Anderson, James Bell, Yvonne Billimore, Miranda Blennerhassett, Stephen Bloe, Alan Bond, Kathryn Briggs, Daniel Bruton, Leona Campbell, Jessica Carden, John Caroll, Tara Chaloner, Willie Clark, Andy Crichton, Leigh Cunningham, Julie-Ann Delaney, Susan Doak, Marie-Terese Docherty, Andrew Dunlop, Stuart Fallon, Carolynne Findlay, Rachel Flynn, Lauren Gault, Alison Grant, Charlotte Hale, Jacquiline Hallam, Caroline Hamilton, , Liam Harrigan, Paul Harrison, Alistair Hayes, Steven Hendry, Jill Herbert, Caishlan Herd, Dan Howard-Birt, Rob Hunter, Sandra Hutton, Fiona Jardine, Amy Jones, Charlotte Jones, Holly Keasey, Andrew Kennedy, Sarah Laing, James Lee, Derek Lodge, Stuart Lorimer, John Louden, Fraser MacDonald, Alex Maciver, Alison Mackay, Andrew MacLean, Colin R Martin, Ewan Manson, Hayley Mathers, Lynne McBride, Aaron McCarthy, Fiona McCubbin, Neil McIntee, Caroline McIntee, Emma McIntyre, Kirsty McKeown, Kevin McPhee, Katherine Murphy, Leena Namari, Jason Nelson, Tony Nolan, Douglas Norrie, Anna Orton, Louisa Preston, Ben Robinson, Hazel Saunderson,Alison Scott, Barry Scott, Laura Simpson, Tom Simpson, Daryl Smith, Aileen Stackhouse, Lisa Stewart, Alexander Storey-Gordon, Stephen Sutcliffe, Kirsten Wallace, Rachel Walker and Katherine Watts.

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